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About Us

Leche Healthcare is a private limited company established by a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals whom were trained and expertised in the field of pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years. We care about the people and we always believe that the greatest wealth is Health itself. So we started working on bringing quality products from the best manufacturing facility at affordable rates so that all the humanity irrespective of any criteria should get the benefit. Our commitment is to upgrade ourselves continuously in all the aspects and strive towards the perfection.


Leche Healthcare is driven by its vision to play an important role in the global market and lead way to happiness through world-class products and services. Our plan is to serve and cover entire South East Asian countries by 2030 and major parts of Africa by 2040. Our dedication and commitment will always be on improving the quality of life of our customers. Our vision is keeping perfection in what we do and always maintain huge standards which anybody can dream of.

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